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World Health Organization designates Work Burnout as a medical condition

That may mean a doctor’s note could excuse you from work according to some health professionals.

Therapist Jon Thomas did his doctoral dissertation on burnout and says being spiritual and finding a hobby can help individuals lower their stress levels.

He also says the most immediate way to get help is to call a therapist.

He adds that bosses and companies need to be educated about how to detect work burnout and prevent it. According to Thomas, ignoring those who are mentally drained from overwork will reduce work productivity.

“You can continue to ignore this systematic issue but it’s going to disturb your bottom line,” Thomas concluded.


"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind"

William James


All About Therapy

I use  to a holistic approach to teach people how to better cope with issues like burnout, anger, depression, and anxiety.

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Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy

I started working with individuals and families in Maryland in 2001, having worked as a chaplain, pastor, university professor, and clinic director. My approach to mental health is holistic and combines cognitive behavioral therapy and a deep respect of your spiritual worldview to help you achieve your goals.

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Research Based Burnout Prevention

Research shows that doctors and nurses, teachers, social workers and counselors, pastors, and CEO's face unique challenges that can leave them drained of the energy they need to be effective on the job and in personal and family relationships. I offer research based tailor made solutions that help professionals avoid the pitfalls of burnout.

Clinical Supervision

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find supervision in Maryland. I'm a state certified supervisor that creates a curriculum based on both the state requirements for licensure and your individual needs.

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Coping Through Martial Arts
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Many of the daily stressors we face are addressed in this unique martial arts program. It combines aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, deep breathing exercises, and self-defense to teach coping skills though martial arts.Benefits: learn discipline and respect, boost self-esteem, build courage and perseverance, helps lift depression and anxiety, better manage anger, enhance focus, and change impulsive behavior


Anger Management

Short-term Anger Classes or Ongoing Therapy

Comprehensive anger exams
Professional Interpretation of results 
Detailed treatment plans 
Letters of completion


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